4th Cycle using Magnus Pharma

4th Cycle using Magnus Pharma

As per usual STREGNTH AND STEROIDS sorted the wheat from the chaif with excellent customer service and a 4 day turn around. Magnus are the newest brand sold by SAS and all thoigh slightly more expensive the results reflect the money spent, no PIP ect. The test Cyp is easily absorbed into the muscle and I felt the injection over a 3 day period as you should peaking into a steady test high lasting me 7 days before my next pin of 1.5mg. I also added Tri-Tren 2 weeks later from Magnus Pharma which I have to say has not dissapointed. I have dropped 2 stone of water and am looking cut but more importantly my back injury is easing off due to more new muscle growth.

All in all Magnus are comparible to Kenwood & ISIS Pharma which is a compliment believe me.

Excellent brand, well packaged and 100% happy withthese guys. Thanks SAS for another well sourced lab.

Ollie M

Testimonial By: Oliver Mason  — Fleet, , United Kingdom
Saturday 02 September, 2017